Pigment Red 48:4 for Inks

Organic Pigments for Inks from Mumbai, India

  • Mass Tone
  • Tint Tone (1:10)

CI No. : 15865:4

Item code : PI-PR 48.4

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Product Name Pigment Red 48.4
Product Code PI-PR 48.4
Chemical Class Mono Azo Manganese Salt Pigment
Colour Index No. 15865:4
CAS Number 5280-66-0

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 1.6 gms/cc
Oil Absorption 64 g/100 gm
PH 6-8
Moisture 1% Max
Water Soluble Matter 1.5%

Resistance to

Xylene 5
Ethanol 5
Ethyl Acetate 5
Water 5
5 % HCL 5
5 % NaOH 5
Soap Solution 5
Light fastness ( Scale 1 - 8) Full Tone : 7
  Tint Tone : 6
Heat Stability Stable upto 240șc
Applications Offset Ink, Flexo -  Solvent & Water, Gravure -  Polyamide & NC/Vinyl

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